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7522 Beach Mountain Radio brings together two classic radio stations: 7522 Cape Cod Radio & 7522 Colorado Rocky Mountain Radio. 7522 Beach Mountain Radio has free live home music concerts, live broadcasts, DJ shows, musician interviews, albums, eps, music news, live podcasts and the best overall enjoyable audio listening.  Join in (free membership), become a FAN of music channels, music groups, bands, artists and the free concerts. Contact us to have your music added & played.

Chain Station

Dakota Blonde

Gooch And The Motion

Grab Brothers Band

Cowboy Brad

Mary Beth Cross

Facing West

Station Manager
Mel Tulin

Musician's Memberships
Clarke Wright

Producer & Interviewer
Brett Wilson

Voice Over Talent
Melissa Hall

DJ Music Shows
Willie Hoevers

Creating The Vision
Philip Tulin

Front Row Ticket Concerts
Peggy Mann

Marketing, Sales & Production
Mary D'Ambra

Music Advisor / Coordinator
Brad Fitch

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